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Perks99 employee of the month sponsor

Employee of the Month recognition is vital to workplace productivity.

Give your Employee of the Month what they crave: warm, fresh meals from their favorite restaurants. Whether you’re an employer or employee, there’s one thing we’re confident about – you love food. Everyone needs to eat. We believe that food should be a source of pleasure, not just a necessity.

What is an Employee of the Month Award?

Employee of the Month Award is a recognition program your organization uses to recognize individuals or teams. As a result of today’s increasingly remote workforce, Employee of the Month programs have evolved from the traditional idea of hanging a new employee’s picture every month.

Employee recognition has a direct, positive impact on productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction. Employee of the Month recognition is a popular way of integrating recognition into your workplace culture. As a result, it motivates hard work, boosts team morale, and increases job satisfaction.

The goals of an Employee of the Month Award program

The Employee of the Month Award program is an effective form of recognition that can benefit the entire organization. Here are a few reasons your company needs to start awarding its employees…

Reward and recognize employees for their efforts.

All types of appreciation team members receive at your organization are employee recognition. Employees will likely give their best effort when they know they're valued. Social recognition drives employee engagement, and organizations that practice frequent social recognition see increased productivity.

Enhance the organizational culture.

Making employee recognition part of your company culture is more accessible with an Employee of the Month Award. Team members know it is important to express gratitude for one another's contributions when they see a public and genuine display of appreciation every month.

Retain key employees.

Employees who feel valued will likely stay with an organization, while those who see their accomplishments go unrecognized will leave. Retaining your organization's best talent amid the Great Resignation is essential. Almost two-thirds of job seekers say recognition would make them less likely to seek a new position. Incentives encourage employees to stay where they are instead of seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

What are the benefits of the Employee of the Month Award?

Here are some of the benefits:

How Do You Show Employees Their Work Is Valued?

Make your next employee of the month celebration memorable by treating your employees to one week of free meals from their favorite local cuisine sponsored by Perks99.

Motivate and celebrate your team with the Perks99 Employee of the Month lunch sponsorship. Happy and engaged employees who are satisfied with their jobs are more productive.

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